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Founded in 2014 by Elisa Botros, Roselisa Inc. is renowned for its beautician training, product distribution, and professional cosmetic services. With the goal of educating and preparing technicians to become elite stylists, we are driven by a higher standard of beauty. All of our products are professional grade, made from the highest quality ingredients, and registered with Health Canada. Our educators are industry experts, equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to train professionals. Preparing for your career as a beautician with Roselisa Academy allows you to offer your clients the highest standard of beauty in the business.

Each of our locations offers students in-depth training courses. Covering theory, safety and health, product usage, and workplace organization, each program is designed to prepare beauticians with the knowledge they need to begin a professional career. Programs also include teacher demonstrations and hands-on practice on live models, giving students real-life experience. Professional-grade, high-valued starter kits are included in most training packages so that students can begin their careers with a head start. Our devotion to the success of our students doesn’t end with completion of the program – graduates receive product discounts and benefits for the remainder of their professional careers. Roselisa Academy is recognized and accredited by Revenu Quebec. We are also a member of APESEQ. With over 5000 technicians certified, we are proud to serve the beauty industry as a professional training resource.


Elisa Botros, Founder and President of Academy Roselisa, started working in the beauty industry in 2001. Driven by a desire to help empower woman to be the best version of themselves, she took a training in 2009 to become a certified lash technician. It was then that she was offered a job working for a renowned plastic surgeon in New York. In her time there, she offered eyelash extension services, Endermologie treatments and various laser treatments. After almost 5 years of working in a busy New York treatment center, Elisa missed her home and family and decided to return to her hometown of Montreal. She always knew that she wanted to continue her work, but to take it in a new direction. Growing up with a single-parent, she always felt compassion towards hard-working women. She knew she wanted to start something to empower women to start their own business and make extra money to raise their children and start new lives for themselves. Her initial goal was to start a training program teaching woman how to apply Eyelash Extensions. In a rapidly growing industry, it quickly became apparent to her that distributing the products was going to be an equally important part of what is now Roselisa Academy. Elisa works closely with her students as well as the distributors to coach and mentor them in reaching and exceeding their goals.

Today, Roselisa Academy is a reflection of Elisa’s personal beliefs. It is a place where women come to grow and start something new for themselves. Being very close to her family, it was only a natural decision to have her mom involved in her business. Ginette Bergeron, now retired, works part time helping with various aspects of the business with her focus being customer satisfaction. Elisa, who married in May of 2017, also welcomed her husband at the Academy. She is excited to have him working alongside her full time to help develop the business outside of the Canadian Market.

Elisa Botros


At Roselisa Academy, we understand that beauty comes from within. For us, this means creating a higher standard of beauty, professionalism, and quality within the cosmetics industry. By training technicians to these standards, our goal is to become the world’s most trusted supplier and training facility in the cosmetic and beauty industry. Whether you are searching for “eyelash extension training near me,” “beautician school in Texas,” or anything in between, Roselisa has the expertise you can count on. Our passion for beauty doesn’t end with our students, however. We believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful. Each of our beautician schools also serve as salons, providing quality beauty products and services to the general public. Roselisa Academy is your number one resource for a more beautiful world.