(5D) W Lashes | Mixed Boxes

(5D) W Lashes | Mixed Boxes

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W lashes are a hybrid between classic and volume lashes – W lashes can create a fluffier,  effect for your lash extensions, adding more volume to your real lashes while keeping the classic 1:1 technique. W lashes also offer an excellent retention thanks to their straight base which provides a superior contact area for improved adhesion and thanks to its lightweight feel.

Grab the the W fan halfway between the top and the bottom of the extension-  just before the base splits into three and apply as you would a classic lash extension.

Key Features:

  • Available in 0.07 thickness only
  • Available in C and D curves
  • Mixed boxes (8-15mm in length)
  • Individual boxes available (8mm-14mm)
  • 16 rows of lashes
  • Synthetic silk made of Polyethylene
  • For professional use only

Measurement Approximation: 4.7 * 2.6 * 0.9 inches / 12 * 6.6 * 2.3 cm
Weight Approximation:
 40 g 

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