Glue Storage Bins
Glue Storage Bins
Glue Storage Bins

Glue Storage Bins

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Glue storage bins

The key to good retention starts with fresh adhesive. If you're determined to ensure the success of your business, you need to make sure that not only are you using the right adhesive for your environment, but that you're also storing your adhesive correctly so that it's at its most effective every time you reuse it. The Roselisa adhesive Storage bins is the perfect tool for storing your adhesive safely and away from humidity.

Key features:

  • Sealing design: the sealing design ensures dehumidification of the eyelash glue container.
  • Durable: durable activated carbon tank.
  • Large size to hold 3 bottles of eyelash glue with removable sponge.

Eyelash adhesive storage tip: (unopened)

Store your adhesive upright in the Roselisa storage bins with the silica/absorbent sachet. (Included with every Roselisa adhesive purchase).
Date your bottle when you open it.
Always keep the adhesive alone, without other products, as these may contain ingredients that degrade your adhesive.
Keep your eyelash glue away from temperature variations, especially high temperatures.
Keep your eyelash glue out of direct sunlight

Eyelash adhesive storage tip: (open)

Continue to store in the Roselisa storage bins with the silica/oxygen absorber sachets, but in a cool, dark drawer or cupboard rather than in the fridge.
Keep away from high temperatures.
Be sure to close the lid tightly after each use. This allows humidity to penetrate the product.
Keep the adhesive cover clean. Roselisa adhesive wipes are very effective in keeping the nozzle clean and unclogged.
Do not store your eyelash adhesive with other products.
ALWAYS have a spare bottle in case of emergency.

Approximate dimensions: 8.5*10.5*7 cm
Approximate weight: 96g

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