Ombré Nail Brush
Ombré Nail Brush

Ombré Nail Brush #3

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Our 6 perfectly-designed nail brushes are designed with professional application in mind. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these make it easy to create polished nails of all shapes. Each brush gently creates a flawless, polished finish, making application easier than ever before. Each nail brush comes with a cap offering protection for the brush during storage and travel and acts as a handle extender. 

The Ombré Nail Brush #3 is a high-quality brush designed to create the most perfect ombré effect. The ombré technique leaves a gradient effect. The nails are typically painted in two or more colors, with the colors getting lighter or darker as they go from one nail to the next. 

Key Characteristics 

  • Used for ombré effect
  • Cap protection
  • High quality & durable nail brush
  • Designed for comfort - easy grip 
  • Nonslip brush handle

Weight Approximation: 16g
Dimension Approximation:
 8 * 0.5 * 0.5 IN 20* 1 * 1 CM

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