Rosabond Super Bonder - Grape Scented

Rosabond Super Bonder - Grape Scented

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Welcome to the Future of Lash Extension Care: Introducing Our Super Bonder for Lasting Lash Perfection!

Elevate your lash extension experience with our revolutionary Grape-Sented Super Bonder, meticulously crafted to ensure the longevity and security of your lash extensions. Designed to be the final touch in your lash journey, our Super Bonder guarantees a seamless fusion of comfort, beauty, and care. 

Effect: Accelerates the drying time of the adhesive allowing exposure to water 3 minutes after application. Maximizes retention up to 30%. Reduces Eye Irritation. 

Instructions: Wait 2 minutes after applying lash extensions. Use 1-2 drops of RosaBond Booster at the base points only. Allow to dry for 3 minutes. TIP: Do not use a Nano mister before the product has been dried. 

Key Features:

  • Bond Reinforcement: Maximizing retention up to 30%. Extend the life of your lash extensions like never before. Our Super Bonder forms an invisible shield that strengthens the bond between natural lashes and extensions, ensuring they stay in place through all conditions.
  • Gentle Formulation:  Beauty should never come at the cost of comfort. Our Rosabond Super Bonder is formulated to be gentle on your eyes and lash extensions, free from harsh chemicals or irritants that could compromise your lash health.
  • Flawless Retention: Maximizing retention up to 30% With Rosabond Super Bonder's advanced technology, your lash extensions maintain their flawless appearance longer, requiring fewer touch-ups and providing you with consistent elegance. 
  • Effortless Application: Seamlessly integrate the Rosabond Super Bonder into your lash routine. The precision applicator guarantees precise application, allowing you to target the adhesive area with accuracy for a professional-grade finish.
  • Oil and Moisture Resistance:  Life is unpredictable, but your lashes don't have to be. Our Super Bonder's resistance to oils and moisture safeguards your extensions against daily challenges, ensuring they remain stunning no matter the circumstances.

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