Double Detail Nail Brush
Double Detail Nail Brush

Double Detail Nail Brush #1

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Our 6 perfectly-designed nail brushes are designed with professional application in mind. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these make it easy to create polished nails of all shapes. Each brush gently creates a flawless, polished finish, making application easier than ever before. Each nail brush comes with a cap offering protection for the brush during storage and travel and acts as a handle extender. 

The Double Detail Nail Brush #1 is a high-quality duo (4mm + 3mm liner) brush for the creation of nail art. The pointed thin brushes allow you to create thin lines and super fine detailing. It is designed to create any small nail art design or elements such as drawing lines, painting delicate patterns, painting flowers, drawing checkered patterns, filling in colors, marbling, swirling, blending, and short strokes.

Key Characteristics 

  • (4mm + 3mm liner) 
  • For short strokes
  • 2 ultra-thin brushes in 1 design
  • For gel polish nail art
  • Cap protection
  • High quality & durable nail brush
  • Designed for comfort - easy grip 
  • Nonslip brush handle

Weight Approximation: 16g
Dimension Approximation:
8 * 0.5 * 0.5 IN20* 1 * 1 CM


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