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Elleebana – Lash Lift Silicone Rods

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The Elleebana Silicone Rods give a beautiful lift and shape to your lash lift clients. Reusable and durable, our silicone rods come in individual sizes in sets of 5 in small, medium, or large. Also available in a combo pack.

Key Features:

  • Individual sizes- 5 pairs of the small, medium, or large
  • Available in a combo pack- 1 pair of small, 1 pair of medium, 1 pair of large and 1 pair of extra-large
  • Reusable and durable
  • Gives a beautiful lift
  • For professional use only

Measurement Approximation: 3 * 2.5 * 1 inches / 8.5 * 6.5 * 2.5 cm
Weight Approximation: 10g

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