Roselisa - Henna Brows Full Kit (80 Clients)

Roselisa - Henna Brows Full Kit (80 Clients)

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Henna brow tinting is a revolutionary technique that is perfect for intensifying the look quickly. Our formula, available in 11 distinct colors, allows for coloring of the natural eyebrows by leaving a thin film of color on the skin thus allowing to restructure the line for an eyebrow with a smoky look lasting from 30 to 45 days on the hairs and approximately 2 weeks on the skin.

Full Kit Contains: 
11 Henna Colors
Henna Brow Paste
Henna Exfoliating Scrub
Henna Remover 
Henna Cleaning Lotion
Henna Nourishing Oil
Henna Brow Application Brush

Key Features: 

  • Contains Cassia Obovata extract for hydrate & repair 
  • Contains PPD
  • Available in 11 colors,
  • Colors can be mixed together to find your ideal shade
  • Long-lasting & optimal coverage,
  • Lasts 30 to 45 days on hair and up to 2 weeks on the skin,
  • Good for 2 years after opening,
  • Can offer up to 80 services per bottle,
  • 10g


The lightest color in the line. A blonde that will be perfect for clients with light blonde brows. It is possible to add a spoonful of the graphite color to obtain an ashy blond.

A slightly darker blonde with a warm tint. This color is ideal for golden blondes who want a natural look.

This color is a dark brassy blonde. Ideal for Venetian blondes or those who want to intensify their naturally pale brows.

A neutral light brown. This shade will be perfect for those with light brown hair or for blondes who want a darker brow.

A warm medium brown. This rich color is perfect for brunettes with warm pigmentation. A spoonful of Graphite can be added to intensify the color or to cool it down.

An intense, deep brown. The perfect color for medium brunettes or those who want a defined brow.

This color is an intense chocolate brown that will be ideal for darker brunettes with a slightly warmer glow.

A dark hazelnut brown that will be perfect for brunettes wanting a defined and dramatic brow.

This color is ideal for very dark brunettes. This brown is very pigmented and almost black in color.

This color is used in small quantities to cool the other shades. It is used to neutralize warm colors to obtain a neutral or ashy shade. It can also be used to darken other colors.

The darker the color, the higher the concentration of PPD. Black is the color that contains the most PPD. It is not recommended to use it alone because the risk of allergy is more important. We can add a little to our mix to personalize it for our clients. For darker skin tones, you can add 1 scoop of Black with the Dark Brown, if needed.

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